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***Thank you for your interest in Enchanted Pony Books***

Our pony books are available at most online stores as ebooks, and most are available in print as well. If you love audiobooks, the stories marked with an asterisk below are currently available as audiobooks at Audible, Amazon, iTunes.

Please find more information about our popular stories by searching online or by clicking on the titles below.

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Wishing you many happy hours of adventurous reading!

Whinnies on the Wind Series

* Winter of the Crystal Dances
* Spring of the Poacher’s Moon
Summer of Wild Hearts
Autumn in Snake Canyon
Winter of Sinking Waters
Spring of Secrets
Summer of Desperate Races
Autumn of Angels
Winter of the Whinnie’s Brigade
Whinnies on the Wind: The Collection

Freedom Trilogy

* Freedom
* Echo
– third book still to be released

Sun Catcher Trilogy

Sun Catcher
Sun Chaser
Sun Seeker

Horse Guardian Series

Dark Fire
Desert Song
Condor Mountain
Swift Current
Gold Fever
Slave Child
Rattlesnake Rock
Sobekkare’s Revenge
Mystic Tide
Silver Dream
Fighting Chance
Wolf Chasm
Horse Guardian Collection: Books One to Four
Horse Guardian Collection: Books Five to Eight
Horse Guardian Collection: Books Nine to Twelve

Stand Alone Books

Keeping Angel