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Whinnies on the Wind collectionThis striking collection of bestselling ebooks and ebook sets, specially written for older Middle Grade and younger YA readers, are collected in one place until October 15! If you have an avid Middle Grade or young YA reader in your household, click HERE to enjoy one or all of these 42 ebooks or ebook collections.

Older readers may like these books too. Angela receives many emails from older readers who enjoy her books – and two of her box sets, 13 books in total, are in this varied collection! Read more about the WHINNIES ON THE WIND box set and the HORSE GUARDIAN: BOOKS 1-4 at Enchanted Pony Books by clicking on their titles.

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Recent “Amazing” Reviews

Winter of the Crystal DancesWe’ve been getting some great reviews lately, and they make us so happy that we just can’t help sharing a few from the Whinnies on the Wind books:

AMAZING! A MUST READ SERIES. Wonderful series! I’ve read it twice and still can’t get enough of Evy and her adventures! I really wish there were more books. I think this is a must read for everyone who likes adventure, horses, friendship, and excitement!” ~ Kindle Customer

AMAZING! This was the first book I’d read from this author and I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t put it down.” ~ Amazon Customer

LOVED IT! I saw this book priced for free in the store and thought, “Well, why not?” I was not expecting it to be a very, extremely good book that would get me deeply interested. Oh, how wrong I was! I absolutely LOVED “Winter of the Crystal Dances” so much! I was up late in the night reading because I couldn’t turn my Kindle off and stop reading!! I highly recommend this book to read for anybody! Such a great book!” ~ Anonymous

AMAZING. I’ve read all 9 books and I’m sad they’re aren’t more. I wish this series would continue on for my whole life it’s so full of adventures” ~ Kindle Customer

“Just finished the #5 book in the series and bought the whole series……I LOVE the books. Can’t set them done and just want more and more……Very good read!!!!” ~ Martha L. Blake

There are more, but five is probably enough for now (to match the number of stars most reviewers give – lol).

If you want to give the series a try, the first book is FREE as an ebook! Find it at your usual ebook seller by typing WINTER OF THE CRYSTAL DANCES in the search engine!

Happy Reading – and hopefully reviewing! We adore our reviewers!!!