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ECHO: The Mustang Returns

A New Audiobook for Children that continues Freedom’s story!

It’s so new, we haven’t even updated our website yet! Here’s the sample!

Alice’s best friend has become horse-crazy – just as Alice realizes she’s afraid of horses. Terrified of losing her friend, Alice is relieved to meet Freedom, Jani’s young horse. She hopes that being around a foal will help her be around big horses.

That night, Alice is in a terrible accident. Half the town goes out searching for her, and Jani and Penny join the horseback hunt. But how can they find Alice when Freedom keeps running off on wild goose chases? The young filly’s strange history might mean she knows more than the average horse. Maybe she’s on Alice’s trail. But she might also be reacting to echoes from her past.

Then Jani finds out about Alice’s illness – and knows she has to take a chance.

I loved ECHO too. The whole series, starting with A Horse Called Freedom, is just sooo, sooo good.” ~ Goodreads review


Available on multiple platforms as an ebook (find a link to your online ebook vendor HERE), and on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes as an audiobook.

Audible US   –   Audible UK   –   Audible Canada   –   Audible Australia

Or search for “Echo Dorsey” at the Amazon of your choice!

And just in case you haven’t yet listened to FREEDOM or know this wonderful mustang’s origins, it’s worth a read or listen too! However, it’s not necessary to read the first book to completely enjoy ECHO.

The latest review on the FREEDOM audiobook:

Great Story! A heartfelt yet somewhat spooky story. I always enjoy a wonderful horse story, but with the added mystery it makes it even better. Moments of sadness, anger and love this book has it all. Aven Shore absolutely brought these characters to life. Her voice was a perfect fit for this book. Well done!! This is book 1 and can be read as a standalone. I highly recommend this book!” ~ Sisters Spotlight

Low Introductory Offering!

Four more Horse Guardian books available in a new collection!

These wonderful stories can be read in any order – each novel is complete within itself, with only Angelica, the horse angel going from book to book, helping girls help horses!

Cover of Horse Guardian: Books 5-8For a short time only, buy four for the price of one!

In this collection:

GOLD FEVER – On their annual horseback wilderness camping trip, Karlie and her dad run into a bit of unexpected trouble – trouble that quickly turns terrifying. Karlie’s dad is attacked by a murderer! As he and Karlie escape, they are separated. Karlie knows she must find him and take him to a hospital. But she’s not the only one looking for him. The murderer is looking too, for her dad and for her. “ANOTHER GOOD BOOK! Great story, and great completion! I really liked this one, and found that the girl Karlie really used her head well.” ~ Goodreads Review

FRANTIC FLIGHT – Giselle is heartbroken when Madame says she is selling her old pony, Domi, for slaughter. The thought of gentle Domi being killed is too much. But things are worse than Giselle knows. Back at home, a restavec trader is waiting. Giselle’s aunt has just sold him the orphans that were forced upon her – Giselle and her little brother. How can Giselle save Domi when she can’t even save herself? “I loved this book. I wish I could forget it and read it all over again. All of the Horse Angel books are beautiful.” ~ Goodreads Review

RATTLESNAKE ROCK – Rosa is faced with a terrible choice. Senor Garcia has offered her a dream job and a mustang colt of her own. If she accepts, five of the twelve mustangs in the herd get to live, her parents keep their jobs, and her friend gets a new assistant. Almost everyone wins. Almost. Seven unwanted mustangs will be sent to slaughter. Can she let that happen? But what choice does she have? “This book touched my heart.” ~ Goodreads Review

SOBEKKARE’S REVENGE – An ancient treasure is unearthed from an Egyptian cave, and one of the artefacts carries a terrible curse, a fatal illness that attacks horses. When Jumana discovers her family’s prized horses are missing, she follows their tracks into the desert, only to find them with a strange girl. Together, can they stop the curse before all the world’s horses are afflicted? “This one was a bit different, dealing with characters and a place unseen. Another excellent book by the author!” ~ Goodreads Review

Available on Kindle and KU. Click HERE to get your copy!

We’d love to hear how you liked these stories, either by leaving a review or contacting us HERE!

Striking Collection of Bestselling Ebooks

Whinnies on the Wind collectionThis striking collection of bestselling ebooks and ebook sets, specially written for older Middle Grade and younger YA readers, are collected in one place until October 15! If you have an avid Middle Grade or young YA reader in your household, click HERE to enjoy one or all of these 42 ebooks or ebook collections.

Older readers may like these books too. Angela receives many emails from older readers who enjoy her books – and two of her box sets, 13 books in total, are in this varied collection! Read more about the WHINNIES ON THE WIND box set and the HORSE GUARDIAN: BOOKS 1-4 at Enchanted Pony Books by clicking on their titles.

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If you ever wondered what happened to Freedom…

The beautiful blue-eyed Freedom is back again, this time as an adorable foal in the novel, ECHO.

And yet Freedom hasn’t completely left her past behind…

Will her fear overwhelm her? Will she have the courage to do the right thing?

From the Back:

Alice’s best friend has become horse crazy—just as Alice realizes she’s afraid of horses! Terrified of losing her friend, Alice is relieved to meet Freedom, Jani’s young horse. She hopes that being around a foal will help her be around big horses.

That night, Alice is in a terrible accident. Half the town goes out searching for her, and Jani and Penny join the hunt.

But how can they find Alice when Freedom keeps running off on wild goose chases? The young filly’s strange history might mean she knows more than the average horse. Maybe she’s on Alice’s trail. But she might also be reacting to echoes from her past.

Then Jani finds out about Alice’s illness—and knows she has to take a chance.

This link should take you to your Kindle store, no matter which country you’re in: CLICK HERE!

If you haven’t read the first in the series yet, FREEDOM is on Kindle Unlimited for a while longer, plus available for a reduced price on Amazon – or you prefer to listen, it’s on Audible as well, narrated by the talented Aven Shore. Click HERE for your KINDLE store or HERE to get the Audible Links.

Happy Reading!

Horse Guardian: Books 1-4 Now Available!

We are so proud to present our newest collection, and to give a big shoutout to Kim Killion at The Killion Group for the beautiful cover design!

The Horse Guardian stories are a little different from the usual juvenile horse books, and we hope that you give them a shot. When these books were published in Europe, they were called the Horse Angel books – and that’s a good hint as to what you’ll find inside. They are exactly the type of books Angela Dorsey loved as a child: horses and girls bonding, lots of adventure, and a touch of magic!

We truly believe that if you love stories about horses and the girls who love them, girls who conquer their obstacles by being brave, or smart, or kind, or finding skills they didn’t know they had, that you will simply love this collection.


Horse Guardian Books 1-4 Collection



“I LOVE books that place girls in strong protagonist roles and Dark Fire certainly does this. Ms. Dorsey has written a story about a young, determined girl who is fearlessly devoted to her friends, family and horses. She’s willing to risk anything to right the wrongs she sees. This makes Dark Fire an excellent book for young girls in particular.”

“Great story! I love the way Angela spins each of her stories. It’s so easy to visualize what she’s written.”

“It’s not every book that gets me to cry. This book has the perfect ending.”

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Eco Literature – Free Books That Speak For All Things Nature

If you love horses, there’s a really great chance that you love nature too! Therefore, we’re letting you know of a free eBook promotion happening November 11 to December 20, 2019, for all ages of readers.

Our own WINTER OF THE CRYSTAL DANCES is there, along with other novels for children, young adults, and adults, plus non-fiction books.

Let’s move toward the new decade with these free eBooks of hope, respect, and love!


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Eco literature free books that speak for all things nature

Eco Literature – Free eBooks!

Coming in October!

FREEDOM, the ghost horse, will soon be haunting us through audiobook! 

Now being produced by the talented Aven Shore, this “exceptional, enjoyable read” will soon be an exceptional and enjoyable listen! And scary… don’t forget scary! 

Freedom, the ghost horse, will be released in audiobook in October 2019.

If you’ve ever wondered…

…what inspires Angela Dorsey, how many books she’s written, what she’s working on now, or other random bits of information… Click HERE or on the picture to the left.

The interviewer, Carly Kade is a wonderful author for horse loving adults, and writes about horses, horse shows, western pleasure, and handsome cowboys! She even has a special on right now, with her entire In The Reins trilogy in Kindle Unlimited!

Thank you, Carly, for featuring some Enchanted Pony books!

Just So Y’all Know…

THIS is at a reduced rate for a few days – just because we LOVE our LOVELY READERS!

NINE ebooks in ONE!!!

Evy can telepathically understand horses, but she’s not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse. What she is sure of: her secret “gift” seems to get her in lots of trouble!

Ride along with Evy, Rusty, and Twilight on their many adventures in this complete collection.

Links are below these awesome reviews from other Amazon Kindle Readers:

Winter of the Crystal Dances – “If you love horses, if you love adventure, and if you love a good underlying mystery you are going to love this series. I read all nine books in a matter of days”

Spring of the Poacher’s Moon – “I can’t get enough of this series. I love it!”

Summer of Wild Hearts – “Easy read. Daughter loves them, and so do I.”

Autumn in Snake Canyon – “My daughter and I are loving this series! Well-written.”

Winter of Sinking Waters – “I would recommend this book to anyone that loves a good book, loves animals and horses. Great read and hard to lay the book down.”

Spring of Secrets – “Every book she writes is amazing and so much fun to read! My daughter cannot put them down. We look forward to each and every book!”

Summer of Desperate Races – “Loved reading this book and I am having a hard time setting any of the books that Angela Dorsey has written down….just finished book no.7 and have LOVED them all so far…….I bought the whole series so the only sad part is that there is only 2 more books in the series.”

Autumn of Angels – “Just finished the book and I loved it!!! Cannot wait to start book #9!!! Thanks for writing such good good books!!!!”

Winter of the Whinnies Brigade – “Wonderful series! I’ve read it twice and still can’t get enough of Evy and her adventures! I really wish there were more books. I think this is a must read for everyone who likes adventure, horses, friendship, and excitement!”

Click on your country’s name to get your copy: USA UK Canada Australia Germany

Available on all other Amazons and Kindle Unlimited as well. ENJOY!