Horse Guardian Collection 2

Horse Guardian collection 2Horse Guardian Collection 2

Books 5 to 9

Four more Horse Guardian books in one beautiful set! Read in any order! Each story is completely individual!

When these books were published in Europe, they were called the Horse Angel books – and that’s a good hint as to what you’ll find inside. They are exactly the type of books Angela Dorsey loved as a child: horses and girls bonding, lots of adventure, and a touch of magic!

If you love stories about horses and the girls who love them, girls who conquer their obstacles by being brave, or smart, or kind, or finding skills they didn’t know they had, you will love the Horse Guardian books!


Reviews from Readers:

GOLD FEVER – On their annual horseback wilderness camping trip, Karlie and her dad run into a bit of unexpected trouble – trouble that quickly turns terrifying. Karlie’s dad is attacked by a murderer, then as he and Karlie escape, they are separated. Karlie knows she must find him and take him to a hospital. But she’s not the only one looking for him. The murderer is looking too, for her dad and for her. “ANOTHER GOOD BOOK! Great story, and great completion! I really liked this one, and found that the girl Karlie really used her head well.” ~ Goodreads Review

FRANTIC FLIGHT – Giselle is heartbroken when Madame says she is selling her old pony, Domi, for slaughter. The thought of gentle Domi being killed is too much. But things are worse than Giselle knows. Back at home, a restavec trader is waiting. Giselle’s aunt has just sold him the orphans that were forced upon her – Giselle and her little brother. How can Giselle save Domi when she can’t even save herself? “I loved this book. I wish I could forget it and read it all over again. All of the Horse Angel books are beautiful.” ~ Goodreads Review

RATTLESNAKE ROCK – Rosa is faced with a terrible choice. Senor Garcia has offered her a dream job and a mustang colt of her own. If she accepts, five of the twelve mustangs in the herd get to live, her parents keep their jobs, and her friend gets a new assistant. Almost everyone wins. Almost. Seven unwanted mustangs will be sent to slaughter. Can she let that happen? But what choice does she have? “This book touched my heart.” ~ Goodreads Review

SOBEKKARE’S REVENGE – An ancient treasure is unearthed from an Egyptian cave, and one of the artefacts carries a terrible curse, a fatal illness that attacks horses. When Jumana discovers her family’s prized horses are missing, she follows their tracks into the desert, only to find them with a strange girl. Together, can they stop the curse before all the world’s horses are afflicted? “This one was a bit different, dealing with characters and a place unseen. But still the same “angel” protecting her horses. I liked the ending, even if it was a bit sad. But overall, another excellent book by the author!” ~ Goodreads Review


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