DARK FIRE, now available!

Nothing is going to stop Lisa from visiting her beloved Jupiter, the horse she was forced to sell, neither her unsympathetic father nor the cruel nephew of Jupiter’s new owner. Then a crime is committed that shakes Lisa to her core, and the police suspect Jupiter.

The first book in the Horse Guardian series, DARK FIRE, is now available in soft cover. Introduce yourself to a wonderful series, not readily available until now!

Here are what some readers have said of Dark Fire:

“I absolutely loved this book! It’s intriguing and exciting. It is very hard to put the book down! I give it five stars!” ~Amanda

“This book rocked! I loved how it left you on the edge of your seat every time you picked it up! I hope the rest of the books are this good!!!!” ~Heidi

“I love this book!!! It’s so awesome and so interesting! ~Emy

“The story has a lovely plotline, and great characters and horses! I fell in love with horse [guardian] series after reading this.” ~Dora

“Dark Fire is an awesome story! LOVE THE BOOK!!!!!” ~Tessa

“If you love a scary book that’s all about horses, then Dark Fire is a great book to read! It really makes your heart beat, body shake, and you feel like you’re in the book too, which makes you feel very scared. It’s such a good book I could easily read it in a day, which I did. I absolutely loved Dark Fire!!!” ~Marissa

“Dark fire is an AWESOME book! It made me want to keep reading. It has so many twists, you think you know exactly what’s going to happen but then you find yourself to be completely wrong. I suggested this book to all my friends and they loved it! Once again this book is just awesome, read it!” ~Tiara

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New Release of FREEDOM

For years, FREEDOM has been either unavailable or out of print, forcing avid readers to search out a dwindling supply of used books. But now FREEDOM, the ultimate horse/ghost story is back!

It has been called wonderful, amazing, fantastic, unpredictable, great, awesome, haunting, and packed with adventure, by both reviewers and readers.

Want to give it a try and give us your feedback? We’d love to hear from you! Click on the picture below if you want to read more about FREEDOM.

Enchanted Pony Books Website is Live!

Enchanted Pony Books is open for business! Over the next few months, we will be publishing books from Angela Dorsey’s two series, Freedom and Horse Guardian, as well as a novel from Marina Miller.

The first book on our roster is the title novel from the Freedom series, Freedom, and instead of bragging on it ourselves, we’ll let past readers, our most important reviewers, do it for us:

“[Freedom] is a great book. The plot is very different from most horse stories, and not at all predictable. The intriguing mystery of a phantom horse along with great characters like Jani, Penny, Keeta and many more, make a great story. If you love horses, this is definitely a must-read!” Tavia

“[Freedom] is such a wonderful story.” Marleigh

“[Freedom] was a very good book. I love how it was full of adventure and mystery.” Des

“[Freedom] is an excellent book and full of mystery. I liked it so much I read it in one night. It is fantastic and heart warming. Once you get your hands on it you can’t stop reading it. I would recommend this book to anyone. This is the BEST book I have ever read.” Katherine

“I just LOVED [Freedom]! I couldn’t put it down! I would encourage everyone to read this. It is one of the best!” Katelyn

“[Freedom is] Truly an amazing book. I’ve never found a book that was quite the same level of superbness. And I’ve read tons of books. If you even remotely like horses, I’d recommend you read this book. You might discover you’re on Angela’s website every day and reading all her books, just like me.” Kathryn

“I ABSOLUTELY loved [Freedom]! I just finished reading it through for the 3rd time… (spoiler removed)… I really can’t have a favourite part for this book, it is too hard to choose!” Stephanie

“[Freedom] is an excellent book for many reasons. One is that it is different from other horse books. Usually horse books have very predictable plots, like horse wins a show, horse gets sick and gets better, etc. But this one is different. But the main reason it’s my favourite book is that it is humour, fantasy, mystery, and a horse story all in one!” Emma

“[Freedom] was totally awesome!!! Five stars!! I have never read a book like that before. A new fave!!!!!!” Tessa

“[Freedom] is absolutely AMAZING. I read it about 23 times already. The way Angela expressed feeling in this book is very strong. I think all horse lovers will love to read this book. Great book! Five stars. ***** A MUST read!” Ashley

“I just love [Freedom], everyone MUST read it! It’s wonderful! Lovely! A perfect combination of horse and ghost book!” Ellen

“[Freedom] is awesome! I loved the ending, even though it made me cry a bit because I do not like saying farewell or good-bye to someone or something I love. Great book!” Stephenie

Freedom!!! Freedom is such a good book! It is just like Dark Fire, only a tiny bit better just because I love horse books that have to do with anything haunted or ghosts, especially if the ghost is a horse!!! Freedom is definitely a MUST READ book!!!” Marissa

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