Autumn of Angels – Whinnies on the Wind 8

Now available in print and ebook – Autumn of Angels, the eighth book in the Whinnies on the Wind series. Look for it at your favourite online store. Or email us. We’d be happy to send you a copy too!

Autumn of Angels*****

Kestrel and Evy get a chance to investigate Evy’s mysterious history, but soon find themselves on the run from a terrifying adversary.

Then at long, long last, Evy gets all the answers to her questions. Her entire world is shaken.

But are the answers truthful? There’s only one way to know for sure: Evy and her mom must confront the people who have been hunting them her entire life.

But as Evy soon finds out, confronting someone is a lot easier than escaping their clutches afterward!



Summer of Desperate Races – Whinnies on the Wind 7

Just released in ebook format – Summer of Desperate Races, the seventh book in the Whinnies on the Wind series! Either at your ebook site or being uploaded soon! Print books coming soon!



On the same day that Evy learns another of her mom’s secrets, she also discovers that they are almost out of money! And her mom has stopped painting, so there will be no more money coming in. How will they live?

Wanting to help, Evy enters a dangerous local race, hoping to win the prize money.

However, the Downhill Mountain Race isn’t the most important race Evy and Rusty will run – or the most perilous. At risk, not prize money, but innocent mustangs who have been forced from their wild homes.

Can Evy save them?



The second book in the Sun Catcher series, SUN CHASER, is now available, both as a book and an ebook! Order from Enchanted Pony Books, from Amazon USA, from Amazon UK, from Amazon Canada, or from the author if you want a signed copy (or even if you don’t want it signed). More outlets coming soon!

Sun Catcher is riding Sunshine when she comes across Stubborn Echo, a boy from her tribe who is doing something forbidden – riding Ghost, his father’s wind-drinker.

Across the meadow from them, a grizzly bear cub emerges from the trees, its massive, protective mother right behind it.

Sun Catcher and Echo escape on their wind-drinkers through the forest, Echo barely clinging to Ghost’s back.

Suddenly, the ground gives way. Echo and Ghost plummet into a pit!

Sun Catcher sets out to rescue Echo and Ghost, but she’s forgetting one thing: Echo detests her. At the first opportunity, will he abandon her and the wind-drinkers in the darkness?



Kindle in Canada

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The sixth book in the Whinnies on the Wind series, Spring of Secrets, is now available! Order from Enchanted Pony Books, from Amazon USA, from Amazon UK, from or from the author if you want a signed copy (or even if you don’t want it signed). More outlets coming soon!

Here is a bit about Spring of Secrets:

When Evy’s mom decides to take a trip to the city, Evy is thrilled. Finally, she’ll get to investigate some of her mom’s mysteries.

But then her mom tells her she must stay behind.

Yeah, right!

With the help of some mustangs, Evy stows away in the back of her mom’s borrowed truck and heads out on the wildest ride of her life, where she’ll meet a foal in trouble and a horse who looks like an angel. She’ll find adventure, a new friend, and answers – answers she’s been seeking for a very long time!




The fifth book in the Whinnies on the Wind series, Winter of Sinking Waters, is now available! Order from Enchanted Pony Books, from Amazon USA, from Amazon UK, from or from the author if you want a signed copy (and even if you don’t want it signed). More outlets coming soon!

Here is a bit about Winter of Sinking Waters:

Evy is elated. She gets an entire weekend hanging out with her best friends, both horse and human, with no adults around. All they have to do is take care of the cattle – and eat tons of cake and go for rides and basically do anything they feel like doing. What can be better?

Maybe if that big grizzly bear didn’t decide a cow would make a nice dinner…

And the cattle didn’t stampede…

And the only way to escape from the bear is across the ice covered lake…




The fourth Whinnies on the Wind book, Autumn in Snake Canyon, is now available! Order from Enchanted Pony Books, from Amazon USA, from Amazon UK, or from the author if you want a signed copy. More outlets coming soon!

Here’s a bit about Autumn in Snake Canyon:

Evy has a couple of BIG problems.

First, her orphaned moose calf is causing her a world of trouble. Her mom is ready to lock him up and throw away the key.

Second, Evy discovers that her mom’s art dealer is stealing money from them, and even worse, he’s purposefully destroying her mom’s confidence in her art.

How can Evy prove his crime? Maybe with a little help from her friends, both horses and human – and one very rambunctious moose calf. Maybe moose trouble is exactly what her family needs!



A fun and exciting novel for readers 8 – 12 years old, available in both print and ebook form:

When Lost River’s tribe is attacked by a strange creature that seems half man and half beast, she is terrified, believing it to be the mythical Sun God. Then a deadly fire starts and Lost River is separated from her people.

Confused and alone, she sees movement in the smoke. Maybe it’s someone from her tribe. Desperate, she follows – and finds herself alone with the beast half of the Sun God!

But the beast seems afraid too. Maybe it’s not a god at all, but an animal, an animal as frightened as she is, an animal who is also running for its life.



And if you like SUN CATCHER, you’ll enjoy the follow-up book, coming out this fall, SUN CHASER. More on SUN CHASER soon!

A Great Review for WHINNIES ON THE WIND!

Books, Mud, and Compost. And Horses has just published a review of the first three books in the Whinnies on the Wind series!  

I have to admit I’m not struck by the name of this series, but if you aren’t either, don’t let that put you off. These are cracking reads. They’re located in the Canadian north, where Evy lives with her mother. They live a life of almost total isolation, occasionally seeing their neighbours, who live a ride away, and who have a daughter, Kestrel, who is Evy’s friend: in fact her only friend, as school is something that happens remotely . And they occasionally see Evy’s mother’s agent (she’s a painter) and that’s it. They live in a cabin, and life is, by urban standards, primitive. Quite why the family live such a cut off existence is the major unanswered question of the series.

I like a story set somewhere I don’t know, and where the author gives you a real sense of what it’s like to live there. It’s very easy for authors to assume you know all the minutiae of daily existence that happen somewhere they’re familiar with, but that’s not an assumption Angela Dorsey makes. Evy and her mother don’t have electricity, central heating, or running water. They have to chop wood to burn in the stove for heat, and when things get really bad, melt snow for water. When they go outside in the winter, they have to put on layer after layer, and it’s still cold. The horses’ barn needs its own heater.

I did wonder about lavatory arrangements, which aren’t mentioned. Presumably there isn’t sewerage, so what happens? Maybe someone familiar with life in the far north can enlighten me.

Into this background of remoteness and isolation, comes Evy and her odd ability. She can talk to horses, telepathically. Most horses’ thoughts she experiences as a cloud of emotion, but some horses can actually talk to her, telepathically. Angela Dorsey succeeds in convincing you that Evy’s abilities are real. They are not a passport into a world of horsey bliss – the-horse-that-only-I-could-ride (because I could talk to it telepathically). Evy’s abilities cause her problems. Her mother reacts badly to any mention of them, and Evy has learned the hard way to hide it whenever she picks up a horse’s thought. Her life is a juggling act: she has the same preoccupations as any teenage girl. She wants friends, and to experience life outside the confines of her family. There is the conflict between pleasing the mother she loves, and starting to make her own way. There is also the pressure to respond to horses’ thoughts, particularly when she senses all is not well with the mustangs who live nearby.

The whole series is an interesting look at a shifting pattern of conflict; and not only is it very well done, the whole makes a rattling good story. I whipped through the three books I have, thoroughly enjoying them all.

The plots are exciting, and the characters are completely believable. If you’re after an involving read with an exotic (to someone sitting in the middle of England) background, you couldn’t do better than these.

Thank you for the awesome review, Books, Mud, and Compost. And Horses!

Interview with Marina Miller

When Marina Miller isn’t too busy being a model, studying at University, or going to cosplay conventions (as you can see by her awesome steampunk photo), she writes books! We were fortunate enough to catch up to her long enough to get her to answer a few questions for us about her new release, SUN CATCHER!

What is your favourite part of your book, Sun Catcher?

It’s hard to pick a favorite part as there are so many exciting scenes! Let’s see, I suppose it would have to be when Lost River finds the ‘sun deer’ in the forest fire. Although the chase scene with the Blackfeet is totally awesome too.

Where or how did you get the idea for Sun Catcher?

Originally, I had the idea of Sun Catcher being an audio-book about a horse that sees humans for the first time and tries to figure out what they are. Of course, the best stories always seem to take on a life of their own, and this particular one wanted to be the story of a courageous Native girl whose life is forever changed when she discovers horses and introduces them to her tribe.

Have you ever owned a horse like Sunshine in the book?

I once owned a palomino gelding named Rocket. Other than his color though, he wasn’t much like Sunshine. He was far more mischievous! He used to escape from his corral on a nightly basis and then jump back in when he saw me coming in the morning with his breakfast!

What do you like most about being a writer?

My favorite part is actually the before-writing part, where I get to spend all my time daydreaming and brainstorming ideas and see how they can fit together to make a story worth telling.  

How can fans contact you?

Thank you, Marina, for taking the time to answer our questions!