APRIL 15th is the day when the first book in the Talismans of Thunder series, SOLA ECLIPSED, will be released in English. These fantasy novels were so popular in Europe, that the publisher gave them their own website!

Sola wants to help Grandmother support them, but Grandmother says Alantrax is far too dangerous. She makes Sola stay at home whenever she goes to the city to sell her wares.

Frustrated, Sola secretly follows her – and startles Terra, a beautiful red horse. Terra promptly throws her rider, a magical, lordly Shadow Elf. Terrified beyond reason, Sola barely escapes his soldiers.

What she doesn’t know: she has set events in motion that will reveal the many lies in her life, even the deceit behind her own identity!

If she isn’t who she thinks she is, then who is she?

To make this book even more awesome: it will be FREE – our GIFT to you, our wonderful readers, to THANK YOU for your loyalty!

More information coming soon!

Recent “Amazing” Reviews

Winter of the Crystal DancesWe’ve been getting some great reviews lately, and they make us so happy that we just can’t help sharing a few from the Whinnies on the Wind books:

AMAZING! A MUST READ SERIES. Wonderful series! I’ve read it twice and still can’t get enough of Evy and her adventures! I really wish there were more books. I think this is a must read for everyone who likes adventure, horses, friendship, and excitement!” ~ Kindle Customer

AMAZING! This was the first book I’d read from this author and I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t put it down.” ~ Amazon Customer

LOVED IT! I saw this book priced for free in the store and thought, “Well, why not?” I was not expecting it to be a very, extremely good book that would get me deeply interested. Oh, how wrong I was! I absolutely LOVED “Winter of the Crystal Dances” so much! I was up late in the night reading because I couldn’t turn my Kindle off and stop reading!! I highly recommend this book to read for anybody! Such a great book!” ~ Anonymous

AMAZING. I’ve read all 9 books and I’m sad they’re aren’t more. I wish this series would continue on for my whole life it’s so full of adventures” ~ Kindle Customer

“Just finished the #5 book in the series and bought the whole series……I LOVE the books. Can’t set them done and just want more and more……Very good read!!!!” ~ Martha L. Blake

There are more, but five is probably enough for now (to match the number of stars most reviewers give – lol).

If you want to give the series a try, the first book is FREE as an ebook! Find it at your usual ebook seller by typing WINTER OF THE CRYSTAL DANCES in the search engine!

Happy Reading – and hopefully reviewing! We adore our reviewers!!!

Another Free Offering!

Dark FireBecause so many of you are enjoying the first free ebook that we released, we made DARK FIRE free as well!


1. Reading a free ebook copy is the perfect way to see if you’ll like more in the Horse Guardian series.

2. If you like it, there are eleven more books to read!

3. Each book is a stand alone book, meaning that each story is complete in itself. You don’t have to keep reading to find out what happens to the characters in the first book, or any other for that matter.

4. DARK FIRE is a wonderful story – or that’s what one reviewer says below.

5. Mystery, action, suspense, and HORSES!

6. DARK FIRE promotes kindness to animals.

7. If you go on to read the series, you will read about cool places all over the world.

8. Compelling and intelligently written – according to us and to reviewers.

9. We will be totally thrilled if you read it – and we hope you let us know what you think of it!

10. Did we mention that it’s free? Go to your usual ebook provider to download your copy!

“Lisa’s life has been turned upside down. Her parents have lost their family home and, along with it, Lisa’s beloved horses. She misses Jupiter the most, but at least the kindly new homeowner, Mr. Pickering, allows Lisa to visit the horses whenever she likes – until his evil nephew, Jimmy, shows up. Lisa is forced to visit the stables under the cover of darkness, for fear of alerting Jimmy. It’s becoming clear to Lisa that Jimmy is willing to do anything to keep her away from Mr. Pickering and the horses. Fortunately, for Lisa, a mysterious and beautiful stranger named Angelica arrives to help.

What a wonderful story this is! I LOVE books that place girls in strong protagonist roles and Dark Fire certainly does this. Ms. Dorsey has written a story about a young, determined girl who is fearlessly devoted to her friends, family and horses. She’s willing to risk anything to right the wrongs she sees. This makes Dark Fire an excellent book for young girls in particular.

There’s plenty of mystery, action and suspense in this book to keep youngsters involved until the very end. The writing is compelling and intelligent.

The idea behind this story is lovely – that there are kind and gentle souls who are watching over horses and their owners is a charming basis for a book series. I’ve already downloaded another one of Angela Dorsey’s books and can’t wait to read it!” ~ Susan Barton