Sola Eclipsed

Sola EclipsedTalismans of Thunder Series 1

Sola Eclipsed

Grandmother says it’s too risky for Sola to help her in the city, so one day Sola secretly follows her – and accidentally startles Terra, a beautiful red mare who promptly throws the magical Shadow Elf riding her. Terrified beyond reason, Sola narrowly escapes his henchmen.

Back home, Sola thinks everything is fine, but she’s wrong. Soon, she’ll meet Terra again, as well as a dark horse who seems to know her and a girl with an all too familiar face – her own! Too soon, the lies that shroud her life will be ripped away, including her own identity.

If she isn’t who she thinks she is, then who is she?


  • Reading level: Ages 9-13
  • Paperback: 97 pages
  • Language:English
  • Publication Year: 2017