Enchanted Pony Books was initially started as an avenue to bring Angela Dorsey’s books to the public. Previously, Angela’s books have been available as limited bookclub editions for select members, available for a short time and then out of print. Despite this, Angela’s juvenile novels have developed many loyal fans, who now have difficulty finding copies of her past books.

Swift CurrentAbout the Horse Guardian series:

“What Angela Dorsey has done in this series is to create books which have something for everyone. Those who like adventures, excitement and danger will love them, and those who like a little bit of depth and character development to sink their teeth into, will also get a lot out of them. Fans of both the supernatural and realistic plot will also enjoy the stories equally. In this way I think they appeal to a wide range of readers and also a wide age range.”

FreedomAbout the Freedom series:

“Indeed this is not a pony story with a ghostly element shoe-horned in just to make it more exciting. It is a true ghost story which just happens to have a horse theme. As with the author’s Horse Angel [Guardian] series, the characters and themes have more depth than in most books of this sort. Again, an excellent enjoyable read.”


Winter of the Crystal DancesAbout the Whinnies on the Wind series:

“Angela Dorsey gives us a traditional old fashioned story of the love of a girl for a wild horse with an interesting and intriguing modern twist, and just a dash of mystery. Animal loving children of all ages will enjoy the story, whilst parents can be happy in the knowledge that the important values of empathy and integrity are being upheld. As with many of the author’s other books, this story explores an important issue – that of animal and human interaction and communication – whilst still delivering a page-turning story. Not an easy feat, but something this author is adept at. The book can be enjoyed at many levels and will keep the interest of a wide range of age groups, including adults.” Read more by clicking HERE.

SuncatcherAbout the Sun Catcher series:

“Action, adventure, and horses–what more could any reader ask for? This is a great, fast-paced read. I highly recommend it for middle grade children to read to themselves, or as a story to read-aloud to younger ones–and the best part? It kicks off a series that just gets better as it goes!”


AbandonedAbout Abandoned:

“No matter how many times I read [Abandoned], it always struck anew something inside of me. There’s something decidedly real in everything that happens in this book, despite the fantasy elements, and the characters just seem to pull at the heartstrings. This is one of those books I don’t think I’ll ever be too old to read.”


So, if you are a reader who has chosen an Enchanted Pony book, get ready to enjoy a story full of heart, adventure, the love of horses, and now and then, a touch of magic.

If you are a parent, rest assured your child will be enjoying a book where values are key, themes of compassion and bravery win out, and families grow stronger.

Happy Reading!