APRIL 15th is the day when the first book in the Talismans of Thunder series, SOLA ECLIPSED, will be released in English. These fantasy novels were so popular in Europe, that the publisher gave them their own website!

Sola wants to help Grandmother support them, but Grandmother says Alantrax is far too dangerous. She makes Sola stay at home whenever she goes to the city to sell her wares.

Frustrated, Sola secretly follows her – and startles Terra, a beautiful red horse. Terra promptly throws her rider, a magical, lordly Shadow Elf. Terrified beyond reason, Sola barely escapes his soldiers.

What she doesn’t know: she has set events in motion that will reveal the many lies in her life, even the deceit behind her own identity!

If she isn’t who she thinks she is, then who is she?

To make this book even more awesome: it will be FREE – our GIFT to you, our wonderful readers, to THANK YOU for your loyalty!

More information coming soon!

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