Recent “Amazing” Reviews

Winter of the Crystal DancesWe’ve been getting some great reviews lately, and they make us so happy that we just can’t help sharing a few from the Whinnies on the Wind books:

AMAZING! A MUST READ SERIES. Wonderful series! I’ve read it twice and still can’t get enough of Evy and her adventures! I really wish there were more books. I think this is a must read for everyone who likes adventure, horses, friendship, and excitement!” ~ Kindle Customer

AMAZING! This was the first book I’d read from this author and I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t put it down.” ~ Amazon Customer

LOVED IT! I saw this book priced for free in the store and thought, “Well, why not?” I was not expecting it to be a very, extremely good book that would get me deeply interested. Oh, how wrong I was! I absolutely LOVED “Winter of the Crystal Dances” so much! I was up late in the night reading because I couldn’t turn my Kindle off and stop reading!! I highly recommend this book to read for anybody! Such a great book!” ~ Anonymous

AMAZING. I’ve read all 9 books and I’m sad they’re aren’t more. I wish this series would continue on for my whole life it’s so full of adventures” ~ Kindle Customer

“Just finished the #5 book in the series and bought the whole series……I LOVE the books. Can’t set them done and just want more and more……Very good read!!!!” ~ Martha L. Blake

There are more, but five is probably enough for now (to match the number of stars most reviewers give – lol).

If you want to give the series a try, the first book is FREE as an ebook! Find it at your usual ebook seller by typing WINTER OF THE CRYSTAL DANCES in the search engine!

Happy Reading – and hopefully reviewing! We adore our reviewers!!!

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