Interview with Marina Miller

When Marina Miller isn’t too busy being a model, studying at University, or going to cosplay conventions (as you can see by her awesome steampunk photo), she writes books! We were fortunate enough to catch up to her long enough to get her to answer a few questions for us about her new release, SUN CATCHER!

What is your favourite part of your book, Sun Catcher?

It’s hard to pick a favorite part as there are so many exciting scenes! Let’s see, I suppose it would have to be when Lost River finds the ‘sun deer’ in the forest fire. Although the chase scene with the Blackfeet is totally awesome too.

Where or how did you get the idea for Sun Catcher?

Originally, I had the idea of Sun Catcher being an audio-book about a horse that sees humans for the first time and tries to figure out what they are. Of course, the best stories always seem to take on a life of their own, and this particular one wanted to be the story of a courageous Native girl whose life is forever changed when she discovers horses and introduces them to her tribe.

Have you ever owned a horse like Sunshine in the book?

I once owned a palomino gelding named Rocket. Other than his color though, he wasn’t much like Sunshine. He was far more mischievous! He used to escape from his corral on a nightly basis and then jump back in when he saw me coming in the morning with his breakfast!

What do you like most about being a writer?

My favorite part is actually the before-writing part, where I get to spend all my time daydreaming and brainstorming ideas and see how they can fit together to make a story worth telling.  

How can fans contact you?

Thank you, Marina, for taking the time to answer our questions!

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