Spring of the Poacher’s Moon

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Evy is out with her horses, Rusty and Twilight, when she comes across a dead moose. Things only get worse when she discovers a very young, now orphaned calf standing over his mother’s body.

She is determined to save the calf, but before she can, Twilight, her mustang filly, disappears. Evy sets out to rescue her, only to stumble upon even worse danger: illegal hunters who will do anything to keep their poaching a secret.

Will Evy be one of their victims?

“I soooo loved this book!!! Evy has a BIG problem. Some poachers kill a baby moose’s mother. Evy finds it and takes care of it. Soon she finds herself in more and more trouble. I read this book in one day! I advise you after reading Winter of the Crystal Dances, READ THIS BOOK!” ~Megan, a reader


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