Coming Soon – Abandoned!

In our upcoming spring line up – ABANDONED!

ABANDONED was first released in Europe and the USA through an exclusive Pony Club. That edition is now out of print, but soon this book will be available again in the USA, and for the first time in Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand!

Here’s what some ABANDONED readers said about this book:

“Abandoned is Angela Dorsey’s best book. The only horse author I know of that can pull something like this off, is Angela. The book is a real tear jerker, but is also a thrilling mystery. The book is very good!” Stephenie, Reader

“I LOVE this book! Its filled with adventure and mystery! Suprises fill every page of this wonderful book by Angela Dorsey! I would recommend this book to anyone!” Anastasia Holly, Reader.

“I enjoyed this book because I enjoy books about time travel… If you LOVE horses like I do, as well as books where people go back in time, and a book that is still heartwarming, you’ll like this book IMMENSELY! Happy reading!” Sefra, Reader.

Read more about ABANDONED by clicking HERE!

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