The First Complete Series!

Chapters in Canada is the winner in making the complete set of Horse Guardian books available on line! All twelve of the books are here!

And just because we love throwing reviews around, here are a few for the 11th Horse Guardian, Fighting Chance, with all spoilers removed:

“OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! Everyone needs to read Fighting Chance, even if you don’t like horses all that much. I love Mrs. Dorsey books! It seems like Fighting Chance was meant for me.” ~Emily

“It was a really great book. The best book I have ever read! It was a story of friendship.” ~Hannah

“Fighting Chance was a great book! I read it in a day and just couldn’t put it down. It was a great story!” ~Stephenie

“Five star book! Lots of adventure, friendships, enemies, and mystery.” ~Amanda

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