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Winter of the Crystal Dances:

Evy can telepathically understand horses, but she’s not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse. Her secret “gift” certainly seems to get her in a lot of trouble.

When some starving mustangs wander close to the wilderness cabin that she shares with her hermit mother, she knows she must help them.

Her act of kindness quickly snowballs into a series of events that forever changes her life, and the life of a very special mustang filly.


Praise for Winter of the Crystal Dances from readers:

“Most AMAZING book ever!!! I’m sure the rest of the Whinnies on The Wind books are too! As of now I’ve read Winter of the Crystal Dances and Summer of Wild Hearts. I LOVE them both! Thank you Angela for writing these books!” ~Paxton

“I love Winter of the Crystal Dances sooo much. If you love horses like me then I suggest this book. It is very exciting and it is one of my favorite books I have ever read. I recommend this book to all reader lovers and non reader lovers. It is a wonderful book, especially if you love reading and horses. Then you will be itching just to read the next page and staying up late just to find out what will happen next. I hope whoever is reading this review will read and love this book as much as I did.” ~ Sheyenne

“My daughter (she is 4)… brought your book to me the other day and wanted me to read it. We started reading it and I was hooked! Emma will sit through a few pages, then she wants to know when the next picture is. After reading a chapter a night for the last few nights, I finally couldn’t wait to read the rest so I just sat down to finish it. I love it! I want to know more about Evy and her mothers secret, and I want to know what she got from her pen pal. :) Thanks for such an awesome book! I love it now and when Emma is a bit older, we will be able to love reading it together.” ~ Kristina

“Winter of the Crystal Dances is an exciting book. I finished it in less than a week. Evy has a “gift” that makes her able to understand horses. There are wild horses starving? Can she fix it? I’ll leave that to you, the only way to find out is to read the book. I won’t tell you. :) ;) :) ” ~ Megan

“The Whinnies on the Wind book series has an original and interesting story line.  Our main character is a very strong young lady with an unusual gift.  Angela is able to make us believe in her gift and enjoy the adventure that this gift takes her on. Our family of four (two young girls, mom and dad) read the first book, Winter of the Cyrstal Dances together.   It was a pleasure to read a book that the whole family enjoyed.  The writing is mature enough to hold an adults interest, without being difficult for the children to understand.  Families will be able to pick up the book, get wrapped up in the story knowing that many more stories will follow taking our heroine on a special journey.  Not only is it an entertaining and captivating book, but it educates the reader along the way, without boring those who are savvy with horses and wilderness situations.  This journey talks about many current lifestyle issues and responsibilities with the backdrop of wild mustangs! I will be recommending this book to others and looking forward to reading more of the series.” ~ Dawn

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