Natural settings.
A touch of magic.

These four elements add up to fun, upbeat books
for horse-loving children and
the young at heart.

Check out our books!    We’re very proud of them.

”Abandoned is Angela Dorsey’s best book. The only horse author I know of that can pull something like this off, is Angela. The book is a real tear jerker, but is also a thrilling mystery. The book is very good!”

”I LOVE [Abandoned]! Its filled with adventure and mystery! Surprises fill every page of this wonderful book by Angela Dorsey! I would recommend this book to anyone!”

””I haven’t finished [Dark Fire] yet,but it’s AMAZING. I love your books, Angela, and I love the characters. My favorite horse is Dakota. I love your series!!!”
”I absolutely loved [Dark Fire]! It’s intriguing and exciting. It is very hard to put the book down! I give it five stars!”

”[Dark Fire] rocked! I loved how it left you on the edge of your seat every time you picked it up! I hope the rest of the books are this good!!!!”

”I love [Dark Fire]!!! It’s so awesome and so interesting!

”[Dark Fire] has a lovely plotline, and great characters and horses! I fell in love with the horse guardian series after reading this.”

”Dark Fire is an awesome story! I love how Lisa and Jupiter trust one another… LOVE THE BOOK!!!!! ””

”If you love a scary book that’s all about horses, then Dark Fire is a great book to read! It really makes your heart beat, body shake, and you feel like you’re in the book too, which makes you feel very scared. It’s such a good book I could easily read it in a day, which I did, and I absolutely loved Dark Fire!!!”
🙂 Marissa

”Dark fire is an AWESOME book! It made me want to keep reading. It has so many twists, you think you know exactly what’s going to happen but then you find yourself to be completely wrong. I suggested this book to all my friends and they loved it! Once again this book is just awesome, read it!”

”I absolutely fell in love with your books, Angela. I especially love Desert Song. Aria and Melody are special horses and Sophie is a special girl. Luv your books!”

”Desert Song was a sad and happy story. But it was also a great one!”